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Since 1998: Right the First Time

Laying Tile

Our family started in the floor covering business in the early 1960's. All of our lives associated with floors and floor coverings, we are a privately held, wholly owned proprietorship founded in 1998.

Our primary occupation is the professional installation of resilient floor tiles. We install shaped and formed ceramics, cut quarry tiles and adhesive secured hardwood floors. Kitchen and bathroom tiles are in the line up.

Attention is given to custom material selections, designs and layout details for your project with prior notice. We will work to find what you are looking for and install it in a timely fashion.

Laying Tile
Our Philosophy
Getting it right the first time is easy enough to say, but in light of the consequences, it is the only way to go. It has been said ...

If there is no time to get it right the first time, there won't ever be time to get it right the second.

We hold this principle true with every customer.

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